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Summer Enrichment Groups

Our enrichment groups are a fun way to continue supporting your child's language skills over the summer before the new school year! 

Kindergarden Readiness

For children entering T-K, Kindergarten or first grade who want support in growing their language, communication and social emotional skills. 

Week 1: Receptive Language (story comprehension, following multiple step directions with different language concepts, language processing)

Week 2: Expressive/Narrative Language (vocabulary, narrative and personal retell, expanding sentence structures)

Week 3: Social Communication (using language to problem solve, practice sharing, conversational skills, self-advocacy, making predictions, perspective taking)

Week 4: Social Thinking (Understanding flexible thinking and how we use it in play and in the classroom, creating 'tools' to use to support emotional regulation)  

Narrative Language

For children entering first through 3rd grade. 

Week 1: Vocabulary Building and Expanding Sentence Structures 

Week 2: Understanding Story Elements and Using Graphic Organizers

Week 3: Story Retell and Producing Personal Narratives with Graphic Organizers

Week 4: Putting it all Together 

Preschool Enrichment

For kids 3-6 years old who are looking to strengthen their language and play skills through a variety of activities similar to what they might see at school. We will have circle time, structured play, unstructured play, read books and have lots of practice in following multiple step directions, strengthening communication skills and play skills and building their language skills.

Create your Own!

If you have multiple kids around the same age or friends with kids, we can create a program tailored to your group. If you are interested in this, please contact us to discuss what your enrichment plan would look like. 

Frequency: 2x/week for 4 weeks

Time: 1.5 hours/session - dates and times will vary

Location: Segal Speech

Each group will have no more than 5 children per enrichment session.

Kids Blowing Bubbles

Please contact us with any questions!

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