Current Workshops and Group Sessions  

Summer Programs!

Articulation Station

One on one therapy targeting articulation, apraxia and phonological process disorders. Since your child won't be receiving speech services to support these areas over the summer, we can collaborate with their school SLP for continuity of care, for maitenance and further support in their progress. 

Social Groups

Emotional Regulation 

For kids ages 5-12 who have difficulty regulating their emotions and may get upset or mad easily. We incorporate several concepts of social thinking, including tool development to support triggering moments.

Let's Connect

For kids ages 8-15 who need support strengthening their peer relationships. Difficulties with peer interactions could be due to anxiety, not being sure what to say, difficulty 'reading the room' or simply having a hard time keeping up with their peers

Social Communication 

For kids ages 4-8 who have difficulty using their language in social situations. They may demonstrate high language levels or ability to communicate appropriately with adults, but have not yet mastered how to communicate during play with peers.