Size of Problem and Matching Reactions

Different sized problems enter our life almost daily, from spilling coffee on your shirt to someone hitting your car. Our children also encounter different sized problems, such as someone knocking down their block tower to getting pushed on the playground.

When a problem occurs typically our reaction matches the size of the problem. Some children might have a difficult time understanding that every problem isn't the "biggest deal in the whole world" and that the size of their reaction is important to notice as well.

In Michelle Garcia Winner's "We Thinkers! Social Series Volume 2", she does an excellent job developing a story which illustrates small, medium and big problems and having reactions that match these size problems. In this book, she describes the 3 different sized problems as follows:

Small Problem - They can be taken care of quickly and with just a little help from other's

Small Reaction - It's expected that people stay pretty calm

Medium Problem - They take a while to fix and most are too hard for kids to fix themselves; may feel disappointed

Medium Reaction - You may feel upset and have to take a deep breath to calm down and ask your parents to help

Big Problem - You may feel worried or scared and have to call someone besides their parents for help because the problem requires a lot of help

Big Reaction - You may cry or yell

A good take away from this book that your child will also need learn...

"Not all problems can be fixed and not all problems have to be fixed. Sometimes you just have to be flexible and move on with the plan. We call this letting it go"

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