The Zones

The Zones of Regulation curriculum was initially written and created by Leah M. Cuypers, MA Ed. OTR/L. I picked up a copy of The Zones book that was forwarded by Michelle Garcia Winner, someone in the speech-language therapy world who is known for her work with social thinking.

On the first page of understanding the curriculum, they write "No student wants the reputation of the 'bad kid', but they may not have it in their skill set to act differently - unless they have been taught the correct tools to do so and given numerous chances to practice".

Students who learn these Zones can have increased self-regulation, learn how to problem solve when in the different zones (including calming techniques) and recognize what zone they are in when their body is "ready to learn" (for example). Once they recognize how their body is feeling and what zone they are in, they can use strategies to help with regulation.

The Blue Zone: Your body is running slow; you might be tired, sad or sick

The Green Zone: You are ready to learn; you feel happy, calm and focused

The Yellow Zone: You start to lose control; you may be frustrated, overwhelmed, silly

The Red Zone: You are out of control; you have extreme emotions such as uncontrolled anger or aggression

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