Toys and Problem Solving

Tis the season! Below are a list of toys which can provide language stimulation and target areas of problem solving, imaginary play and cooperative play.

1. Object Puzzles and and Floor Puzzles

- Object puzzles include vocabulary you may be targeting; such as animals, toys, food. These also can be used to help understand categories and used to understand the function of objects (e.g. You eat an apple; you throw a ball).

Floor puzzles (pictured on the right) are great for kids working together as a team or group.

[On amazon can search "floor puzzles" or "children puzzles". Melissa and Doug have great puzzles]

2. Blocks and other creative building toys.

These are great for promoting creativity and imaginary play. Whether its wood blocks, jumbo blocks, magna-tiles or legos. Does your child have difficulty with fine motor? If so, you may want to use bigger blocks to make it easier for your child.

3. Pretend play toys

Show your kids how to create sequences during pretend play that create stories. Set the table with your pretend food or have a picnic.

4. Cause/Effect toys and simple turn-taking toys

Cause/effect toys and simple turn-taking toys create a lot of interest...with interest/motivation we get more language from our child! You are usually in control of these activities as well.

These toys may include:


Wind up toys

Any toy you press and then something moves, makes noise or lights up

Ball ramps

[Pictures left is a "gear toy" and right is a "ball ramp, both of which you can find on amazon]

5. Memory and detail focused games.

Memory games are fun and good for increasing attention and working memory. Recently I came across these Magneti Books (pictured below with the clown) and it was great for increasing attention to need attention to notice the details.

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