Books, Books, Books

Books, Books, Books

The age that I have below are based on where a child's language is at and not necessarily their chronological age.

I recommend taking a look at the books at the book store to make sure you like them and then ordering them on Amazon!

Under 3 years

- Brown Bear, slide and find version.

- Blue Hat, Green Hat

- Oops or Uh-oh David (by David Shannon)

- Dear Zoo (by Rod Campbell)

- Goodnight Moon

- Where is spot? (by Eric Hill)

- Spot Goes to the Farm (by Eric Hill)

3-6 years old

- No David, David Gets in Trouble and David Goes to School

- Pete the Cat (there are many Pete books)

- Frog on His Own

- Frog Where Are You

- If you give a mouse a cookie (along with other books in this series)

- Always is Trouble ( by Corinne Demas)

- The Big Hungry Bear (by Don and Audrey Wood)

- Pete's Pizza

- The Love Monster

6-8 years old

- The Red Book (by Barbara Lehman)

- Elephant and Piggie book series by Mo Willems

- Frog and Toad

* kids will start to get books at school around these ages

Learning Theory of Mind and Perspective Taking for children under 9 years old

- The Three Little pigs : The True Story of the Three Little Pigs

- Elephant and Piggie book series by Mo Willems

- Duck! Rabbit!

- Elmer

- The Way I Feel (by Janan Cain)

- They All Saw a Cat

Reading books are a FANTASTIC way to improve your child's language. Some tips when reading books with your kids:

- When working on comprehension, ask them a question on each page to check for understanding. Then, at the end of the book ask them specific questions as well and a general "what happened in the book". The older the child is the less frequent you will ask questions throughout as you will expect them to be able to retain a larger amount of information.

- When working on language formulation, pick books with lots of pictures and animation. Have the child describe what is happening on each page.

- You don't have to read word for word on each page...change the words to match the child's comprehension level.

- Don't be afraid to re-read the same book more than once. I'll read a book 5 times sometimes as long as the child hasn't memorized it and is still improving on how they are answering questions or describing the pictures.

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