Apps for Speech & Language

There are tons of Apps out there that can be used as an additional tool when practicing speech and language with your child. These are ones I use often with my clients and really like. When used at home they are most helpful with adult facilitation.

Speech Production Apps:

- ArtikPix: Has every sound at the word and sentence level, flashcards and memory game

- Oral Motor by Lingraphica: Real pictures focused on the mouth modeling different movements

- Phonemes by Lingraphica: Real pictures focused on the mouth modeling each sound

- Apraxia Words by NACD: Providing repetition for different types of words and movements

Expressive Language Apps:

- Pogg: Great for younger kids learning action words; animated

- Sentence Builder: When shown a picture the child must organize the different parts of the sentence that accurately describe the picture

- Tense Builder: Great for kids learning parts of speech; animated

- Rainbow Sentences: Same idea as sentence builder but provides more prompting for a child who can't read yet

- Expressive Builder: Real pictures are shown to practice describing and formulating sentences

- StoryMaker: Fun way for a child to create a story

Receptive Language and Social Language

- Picture the Sentence: Hear a sentence, with visuals if needed, and then have to choose the correct picture that matches the sentence

- Emotions by I Can Do: Shown pictures to practice identifying emotions

- Hear Builder: There are a bunch of helpful apps by hear builder

- Preposition Builder: Different levels of prompting can be used

Feel free to contact me if you want to know what might work best for your child!

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