Speech & Language Therapy

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Individual sessions are tailored to meet each client's needs. Clinician will use their own assessments and observations in addition to parent/client observations and goals. Clinician will also gather any previous assessments done privately or at the school if permitted by the family to help further create a collaborative treatment plan.

If family and therapist think it would be of value to speak with client's other providers, such as their school SLP, then clinician will coordinate a time to make this happen. 

We work with a variety of populations, delays and disorders. Below are some of these areas.

Descriptions are being updated!

Expressive Language Delay

Articulation Disorder

aka Speech Sound Disorder

Social Communication Disorder

and Pragmatic Language Disorder

Auditory Processing and Language Processing

Apraxia and Motor Planning

Oral Narrative Language


Receptive Language Delay

Phonological Process Disorder

Social Thinking


Executive Function

Selective Mutism 

Autism Spectrum Disorder