Social Groups

Social Skills

Depending on the child or adolescents age, social skill groups may target:

turn-taking, collaborative play, initiating play, maintaining play, self-advocacy, conversational skills or understanding non-verbal cues and language.


Executive Function

Many children and adolescents that have difficulties within areas of executive function have a hard time organizing their thoughts into a cohesive and intelligible narrative.


While these children may also need individual support, groups are a motivating way to practice verbal output organization with a variety of conversational tasks and narrative tasks.

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Social Thinking

Most of the social skill groups are embedded with some instruction of social thinking concepts but with some groups it is the sole focus. These groups may target areas such as: flexible thinking, problem solving, emotional regulation and perspective taking.

Therapists use a variety of curriculums including Michelle Garcia Winner's Social Thinking curriculums. 


Selective Mutism

Whether diagnosed with selective mutism or if your child is having a difficult time initiating and maintaining peer relationships, our small groups can be a great opportunity to support confidence and practice engaging with peers.

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